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Disease Management


To control the ectoparasites the sheep should be dipped a few weeks after shearing when they have grown sufficient new wool to hold the chemical substance. There are standard designs for sheep dips and there are many products effective against ectoparasites. A footbath may also be provided at the entrance of the farm to prevent the spread of contagious diseases like foot-and-mouth and foot rot.


Shearing is done mechanically either with clippers, a pair of scissors or by power-operated machines depending upon the size of operations. Most flocks are usually shorn twice a year, i.e. March-April after the winter and September-October after the rains. In some states like Jammu & Kashmir and Rajasthan sheep are shorn thrice a year.

Vaccination schedule for sheep

Diseases Age and booster dose Route Remarks
Foot and Mouth Diseases 6-8 weeks, repeat every 6-9 months 1 ml s/c or i/m depending on vaccine Dose as manufacturers recommendation.
Rinderpest 3-4 months, repeat every 3-year. 1 ml s/c In endemic areas
Sheep pox 3 months Live vaccine 1ml (IVRI vaccine) Killed vaccine 3-5 ml s/c  
Tetanus Tetanus toxoid 0.5-1 ml s/c or i/m  
Haemorrhagic septicaemia 3-4 months. Repeat annually. 1 ml s/c May/June
Anthrax 4-6 months. Repeat annually. 0.5 ml s/c In endemic areas.
Enterotoxaemia 3-4 months. Repeat after 15 days and then annually. 2.5 ml s/c First two doses before August.
(Source: Kerala Agricultural University, Mannuthy)


Culling of sheep is very important for the development of a good flock. It helps to remove undesirable animals and breeding from those which are most approximating the ideal sheep. About 10-20 per cent culling should be practiced annually to develop a good flock. The flock size should be maintained by replacing culled ewes by ewe lambs born in the flock.


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