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About the crop

carrot seedling carrot


Carrot can be grown in high ranges from August to January. Well-drained sandy loam soil is best suited for the crop.


Pusa Kesar, Nantes, Pusa Meghali,Pusa Nayanjyothi F1 (suited for commercial cultivation in the tropical plains of Kerala).

Planting Requirements

Seed rate is 5-6 kg/ ha. It is usually sown on ridges to facilitate good root production Ridges of about 20 cm height are made 45 cm apart and seeds sown 10 cm apart on the rows. The seed is mixed with fine sand and sown in rows by hand and covered with soil to make it firm around it.

Manures and Fertilisers

Apply 25 t/ha FYM before sowing and a fertilizer dose of 37.5 kg N, 62.5 kg P2O5 and 50 kg K2O per ha as basal. Topdressing with 37.5 kg N per ha may be done one month after sowing.


It is necessary that enough soil moisture is available to help uniform seed germination and growth of plant. Uproot excess seedlings (thinning) three weeks after sowing leaving a plant to plant spacing of 10 cm to facilitate better tuber growth. Weeding should be done at regular intervals to keep down the weeds. Shallow hoeing is necessary to facilitate root growth. When the root starts growing, earthing up should be done.


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