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Selection criteria for forage crops

The selection of forage crops should be made on the basis of the following considerations.

  • A forage crop should be well adapted to the agro climatic conditions of the area, where it is to be cultivated.
  • Yield – total and seasonal with high percentage of leafiness.
  • Ease of establishment / eradication.
  • Vigour in growth / re-growth and persistence.
  • Palatability with Nutritive value and free from toxic principles
  • Resistance to pests and diseases, tolerance to stress like drought, flooding, etc.
  • Seed production ability

For irrigated areas, under normal conditions, a range of crops and varieties responsive to irrigation and fertilizer application can be selected depending upon climate, type of soil and system of cropping in a particular area.

In high rainfall areas, crops which are resistant to water logged conditions and which can grow in limited illumination period, and have a high rate of transpiration will have to be selected for cultivation.

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