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Processing, Byproducts and Utilization

The clams are depurated in the same way as described for oysters and mussels. The adductor muscle is the most valued part in giant clam. In a 20 cm clam it weighs about 500 g.


The various techniques followed in processing the clam meat are similar to those used for other bivalve molluscs. The clam meat is frozen as blocks or individually quick-frozen, canned and smoked. Other products are clam juice, clam strips, clam streaks, stuffed clams, clam pickle and chowder.

Byproducts and utilization

In clam culture, shell is the byproduct. It is used in the manufacture of cement, calcium carbide, sand lime bricks and lime. The shell lime is used for manuring coffee plantations, as a mortar in building construction, in the treatment of effluents, as a pesticide by mixing with copper sulphate, and in glass, rayon, polyfibre, paper and sugar industries. The shells of several clams have ornamental value and are used in making curios.
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