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Rabbits are housed in cages, pens and hutches.

Cages: Cages of does should be of 90 cm length, 70 cm breadth and 50 cm height. Those of bucks should be of 60 cm length, 60 cm breadth and 45 cm height for bucks. Cages are made out of wood, bamboo, or welded mesh. The size of wire mesh should be 1cm x 1cm for the bottom and 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm for the sides. From the ground to bottom to of the cage should be 75 cm to 90 cm high. The legs of the cages should be in such a manner that rats and snakes could not cause nuisance and it is advised to fix metal guards to the legs.

Cages should be placed in a shed that is constructed in cooler surroundings.

Pen: Young rabbits after weaning are kept in groups in the pens. Each pen measures 1.2 m breadth, 1.5 m length and 0.5 m height. About 20 weaning rabbits are housed in each pen. Once rabbits attain puberty, they may be housed singly; especially those adult males. If they are kept together they will fight and get injured.

Hutches: Outdoor hutches should be in a sheltered location, raised and with a slopping waterproof roofing. Hutch should be well protected from predators. Hutch is made out of (i) wood (ii) asbestos, and (iii) welded wire mesh.

Nest box: Nest boxes vary in size and design but in general the size is 50 cm long, 30 cm broad and 15 cm high. Nest boxes are made out of wood and should have provision for adequate drainage and ventilation. It is advisable to have a wire mesh bottom.

Feeders and waterers: Feeders are generally made out of Aluminium or galvanised iron sheets. Feeders may be designed in such a way that they can be attached to the front panel of the cage and can be filled from outside without opening the doors of the hutch or cage. Automatic pipeline or bottles watering system are used widely in commercial rabbit farms. Glazed earthenware pots can be used for watering in cages.

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