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Protection against Diseases

  • Be on the alert for signs of illness such as reduced feed intake, fever, abnormal discharge or unusual behaviour.
  • Consult the nearest veterinary aid centre for help if illness is suspected.
  • Protect the animals against common diseases.
  • In case of outbreak of contagious diseases, immediately segregate the sick and the healthy animals and take necessary disease control measures.
  • Deworm the animals regularly.
  • Examine the faeces of adult animals to detect eggs of internal parasites and treat the animals with suitable drugs.
  • Wash the animals from time to time to promote sanitation.
  • Strictly follow the recommended vaccine schedule.

Breeding care

  • Pigs are highly prolific in nature and two farrowings in a year should be planned by adopting optimal management conditions.
  • For every 10 sows one boar must be maintained for maximum fertility.
  • Breed the animals when it is in peak heat period (i.e. 12 to 24 hours of heat).

Care during Pregnancy

Give special attention to pregnant sows one week before farrowing by providing adequate space, feed, water etc. The sows as well as farrowing pens should be disinfected 3-4 days before the expected date of farrowing and the sows should be placed in the farrowing pen after bedding it properly.

Care of Piglets

  • Take care of new born piglets by providing guard rails.
  • Treat / disinfect the navel cord with tincture of iodine as soon as it is cut with a sharp knife.
  • Feed on mothers milk for first 6-8 weeks along with creep feed.
  • Protect the piglets against extreme weather conditions, particularly during the first two months.
  • Needle teeth should be clipped shortly after birth.
  • Vaccinate the piglets as per recommended vaccination schedule.
  • Supplementation of Iron to prevent piglet anaemia is necessary.
  • The piglets meant for sale as breeder stock must be reared properly.
  • Male piglets not selected for breeding should be castrated preferably at the age of 3-4 weeks which will prevent the boar odour in the cooked meat thus it enables production of quality meat.
  • Additional feed requirements of lactating sow must be ensured for proper nursing of all the piglets born.

Vaccination schedule for pigs

No. Disease Type of vaccine Time of vaccination Duration of immunity period Remarks
1 Anthrax Spore vaccine Once in a year, premonsoon vaccination One season  
2 Hog Cholera Crystal Violet vaccine After weaning One year  
3 Foot and mouth disease Polyvalent tissue culture vaccine At about six months of age with booster done after four months One season After vaccine repeat Vaccination every year in October/November
4 Swine Erysipelas Alum treated vaccine After weaning with a booster dose after 3-4 weeks About one year  
5 Tuberculosis B.C.G vaccine At about six months of age One to two years To be repeated every 2 or 3 years
(Source: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development)


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