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Cereal Fodder

Zea mays (Maize)

Grows in a variety of soils and comes up in all seasons. A native of Central America. It can be grown upto 4000 m above sea level. It is grown in the areas of low rainfall (250 mm) as well as in the areas of high (3000) rainfall. Form high energy ration and well liked by animals. Good for green feeding and for silage making. In south India it can be sown in any season.

Hybrids- Deccan, Ganga-5, Ganga Safed 5, Ganga-3
Composite varieties- Vijay
Seed rate: 80 kg/ha
First cut: 60 DAP

Zea mays (Maize) zea

Euchlaena mexicana (Teosinte) (Makchari)

A native of Central America. A tall leafy succulent annual plant growing from 1 to 3 m. height with numerous basal branching tillers. Can be grown in areas with excess rainfall, moderate water logged conditions and continuous cloudy weather. Good for green feeding and silage.

Sorghum bicolor (Jowar)

It is grown in tropical, sub-tropical and semi-temperate regions. Native of Western Africa. It is a good crop for mixed cropping with forage legumes.

Drought resistant fodder crop
N: P2O5: K2O- 60: 40 : 20
Varieties: J.S-20, S-1049, J.S-3

Sorghum bicolor (Jowar) Sorghum bicolor (Jowar)
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